Indian Steel Mills collectively have an Installed capacity of 412,000 Metric Tonnes with utilized capacity of over 230,000 MTS.

They manufacture a wide range of grades in Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel and Stainless Steel as per most of the popular International Standards such as SAS/DIN/JIS/B.S.etc.

Steel mills have been established in the 70's and have since been accredited with ISO 9002, QS 9000 certifications.

Apart from catering to industries such as:

In the domestic sector, they are also regularly exporting their product range to highly competitive world markets like:

     North America
     South-East Asia

Steel Mills are equipped with Quality Assurance Facilities:

     Optical Emission
     Mobile Spectrometer
     Oxygen Nitrogen analyzer
     Optical Microscopes
     Universal Testing Machine
     Magnetic Particle Inspection Equipment
     Infra-red Temperature Measuring System
     Carbon Sulphur Apparatus
     Automatic Hydrogen Analyzer
These mills are approved by multinational giants like:

     Mercedes Benz
     Dana Corporation
     Ford Motors
     General Motors
     Mitsubishi Motors
     Rockwell International
     Eaton Ltd.
As a standard practice, we prepare exhaustive Raw Material Standards (RMS) based on the inquiry and accordingly give it to approved Steel Mills. Steel Mills supply steel strictly in accordance with the RMS. Further each consignment is accompanied by a Mill test certificate which is in conformance with the RMS.

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