We are an exceptional company that exports, and also represents buyer interests towards identifying and evaluating suitable sources, product costing, product development as well as progress chasing.

Above all we build partnerships by connecting and linking those who buy materials,products and services with those who sell them in mutual benefit.

A successful track record with top industries serving original and commodity requirements internationally.


Comprehensive services, offering early identification of world class potential opportunities right through, to the delivery of quality products.

Supporting, as an extension of the purchasing and procurement function of its customers, ensuring attractive and competitive pricing bridging the manufacturer or service provider and the user.

Highly specialized knowledge of markets and cultures with experience of all commercial requirements across international boundaries.

Providing solutions related to product re-engineering, prototype development and Value Engineering supported by CAD Prompt solutions to problems.

Experienced and totally committed staff.

To be world class by being leaders in our fields of business,

Partnering from Concept to Commercialization.

Providing total customer satisfaction, Delivering Innovative, Cost Effective and Time bound Solutions. One Stop Shop providing Critical links between Potential Manufacturers and Buyers.

We invest Time and Money in researching markets and quality sources to form long term and profitable partnerships.

"Making Things Happen"

Sourcing product from world class suppliers compatible with the need of customers, we offer a wide spectrum of engineering products specialized in the areas of automotive and agricultural sectors, such as trucks, buses, cars, scooters, motorcycles, tractors and off road vehicles. Besides the other industrial segments include

The range encompasses raw, semi machined and fully finished forgings, castings, press/sheet metal, plastic and rubberized parts.

A portion of our sales is contributed by Flanges, Fittings (High and Low Pressure) and Valves for the piping industry.

These include products in Stainless, Carbon, Alloy, Special Steels.

The list is non-exclusive and we have the capacity to source virtually any product.